Sheffield Council tax refund: £150 should now be paid for direct debit taxpayers

Earlier this month, the council said it expects the majority of direct debit taxpayers to have received their refunds by today – Tuesday May 24.

There are around 215,000 households in the city expecting the payment which is given to help people meet soaring essential costs.

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Most Sheffield taxpayers who were waiting for the £150 refund to help with the cost of living crisis should have received the payment now.

The council said it needed to carry out checks to minimize the risk of fraudulent claims before distributing the money, so May was as soon as possible to send the rebate.

The payments were made in four batches from Monday May 16, with the date households received it depending on their banking arrangements.

What about non-domiciled taxpayers?

Around 77,000 households in Sheffield will receive their refund by postal transfer as they do not pay tax by direct debit.

They will receive a letter including a £150 barcoded voucher which they will take to the post office, together with ID, to claim the discount.

These should be released in the next few months.

When is the energy loan?

In February 2022, the government announced that millions of households were to receive up to £350 to help cover the cost of living following an increase in the energy price cap.

All domestic electricity customers will get a £200 reduction on their energy bills from October, with households in municipal tax bands A to D receiving a £150 energy rebate on the municipal tax.

The reduction in the bill will be reimbursed by a levy on future bill payers.