No, the Google Store did not give you $500 store credit

So you were browsing the Google Store from your desktop or laptop when you tapped on the profile picture in the top right corner of the screen. Looking at the menu that appeared, you see a number marked in green which stuns you as it says you have $500 Google Store credit. You don’t remember having that much money available to you in Google’s online store, but the number is in green, so it must be legit, right?

And quickly your mind starts thinking about what you’re going to buy with the $500. Let’s see, you really want this second-gen Pixel Stand ($79) and a pair of Pixel Buds-A Series earbuds ($99). The remaining $322 you’ve reserved for the Google Pixel Watch, which is rumored to be announced at Google I/O later this month. We got to see the watch made official during the developer conference launch on May 11.

So, no sooner have you placed your order for the two available accessories (the Pixel Stand and the Pixel Buds Series-A) than you get to the end of the checkout process and find that you only have a few dollars worth of credit for work with. The $500 credit was just a mirage. Well, easy-going, easy-going.

As detailed by 9to5Google, some minor tweaks to the Google Store somehow created a bug that shows $500 in Google Store credit for anyone with a few dollars in Google Store credit. Right before you checkout, the correct balance amount appears (which is easy, right?). Another way to see the actual amount of credit you have is to go to the Google Store, tap the profile picture in the top right corner, and tap Settings.
This is just another example that shows you that there is no free lunch. Or more accurately, there’s no such thing as a free $500 shopping spree in the Google Play Store.