Malik Monk struggles to take credit for successful individual season due to Lakers struggles

Malik Monk proved to be the best player the Los Angeles Lakers signed in the previous offseason as the shooting guard dazzled with his basketball scoring ability.

Monk surprisingly didn’t get many offers in free agency, signing a one-year contract with the Lakers that seems silly in hindsight now. Monk will surely receive his fair share of offers during this free agency period, but he has already revealed that money will not be the main factor in his decision.

The young guard should be proud to bank on themselves and excel, but he admitted he struggled to get credit because of how difficult the year was for him.

“I was trying today until I had these media and exit interviews,” Monk said. “But yeah, I’m going to go home today and really just review and see how the year has gone and just really reflect on it and congratulate myself because it’s definitely been a tough year for me. Summer is hard too, so I’ll do that after that.

While it certainly must have been bittersweet for Monk to have a career year amid the struggles of the Lakers, he said the presence and support of all the veterans helped him hold his head high.

“Just knowing I had an organization behind me made me a lot more comfortable doing things like that. It’s hard to be depressed when you have ‘Bron on your team. Russ , AD, Dwight Melo, all these vets who had not so good years and they know how to deal with things like that It wasn’t that hard for me because I got a lot of support from those guy there.

Monk has spoken at length about how he appreciates the Laker organization for giving him an opportunity, so combined with the stars of the team, it looks like he would choose to re-sign with them assuming their offer. is close to market value. Even though he may find it hard to congratulate himself, he should be proud of what he has achieved because he really looks like someone who can stay in the league for a long time.

Malik Monk thinks he has become more mature during the 2021-22 season

The 24-year-old said he was happy with the way he had played over the year, but when asked what was the biggest improvement he had seen, he cited his maturity as a player and as a person. This kind of self-awareness is refreshing to hear and a sign that his head is in the right place.

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