Kingkey Asset Management’s External Asset Management Services Expand

By Kingkey Asset Management Limited

Thursday 09 June 2022 10:00 MYT

Partnership with innovative fintech FGA Trust to create value-added investment for clients

HONG KONG SAR – Media outreach – June 9, 2022 – Kingkey Asset Management (KKAM), a subsidiary of Kingkey Financial International, is a leading asset management company in the Asia-Pacific region, providing diversified asset management services including: External Asset Management (EAM), Discretionary Investment Management (DPM), offshore fund set-up and as well as asset allocation and structuring solutions for high net worth clients and family offices headquartered in the Asia region -Peaceful. Its external wealth management service has made great strides. Since its launch, it has partnered with many abandoned financial institutions including but not limited to global investment banks and private banks. With a real customer-oriented management policy, it has created great added value for customers’ investment.

KKAM is different from the traditional asset management model. The core investment team is made up of a number of investment specialists with over 20 years of rich experience. They organize personal investment plans for clients and help them keep up to date with information on global financial markets. KKAM provides a discretionary investment service in order to integrate all of the client’s assets and best meet their financial objectives. KKAM’s experienced investment specialists will carefully elevate and seize market opportunities that can provide wealth appreciation, along with a thorough, appropriate and detailed tailored investment strategy. During the process, the investment team will take the time to fully understand the client’s investment objection, to ensure that the investment strategy is in line with the client’s objectives, requirements and risk profile. customer. Through the continuous optimization of the investment portfolio, wealth will grow steadily and ensure that investment activities are always in line with your current situation.

Earlier, KKAM announced that it is the investment manager of ‘KK Special Opportunities Income Fund SP (KKSOI)’. The fund focuses on development projects with high growth potential, located in the Greater Bay Area mainland as well as in the core areas of the world’s first-tier cities. Additionally, with the increasingly diverse and complex financial needs of affluent families, KKAM announced its partnership with an innovative fintech trust company – FGA Trust, and became its first investment manager. FGA Trust combined with innovative financial technology that aims to break the traditional framework of the trust industry.

FGA Trust embraces innovative technology to redefine the trust industry. Its trusted one-stop fintech online platform provides a variety of custodial solutions for individuals, businesses, banks, financial institutions and asset managers, allowing users to easily control assets confidentially , safe and compliant, you can execute a series of commands anytime and anywhere at your fingertips. Its custodial assets are wide ranging, including but not limited to cash, insurance, investment products, precious metals, private company stocks, real estate, overseas assets , vehicles, valuables, etc. In addition to digital assets and investment products, some of the emerging investment products that have become popular in recent years, such as NFTs, can also be hosted on the platform. On the other hand, FGA Trust also provides diversified support across traditional and digital assets, including asset-linked credit cards, fiduciary asset management, offshore bank deposit accounts, global investment, custody offshore digital assets, etc. With innovative fintech support, FGA Trust keeps up with the times.

About Kingkey Asset Management

Kingkey Asset Management Limited (“KKAM”), is a subsidiary of Kingkey Financial International (Holdings) Limited (HKEx: 1468.HK), KKAM is a licensed intermediary approved by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (central number: BKK610), which is authorized to provide regulatory activities for asset management (category 9). KKAM is a leading asset management company in the Asia-Pacific region. KKAM provides diversified asset management services, including external asset management (EAM), discretionary investment management (DPM), offshore fund formation and as well as asset allocation solutions and structuring for wealthy clients and family offices headquartered in Asia. -Pacific region. KKAM’s professional investment team has rich investment experience and knowledge. Through comprehensive data analysis and research, KKAM provides clients with unique investment insights, flexible and desirable insights as the basis of investment portfolios.


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