E.ON apologizes to Bradford man over £1,800 loan

An energy supplier has apologized to a man who had to wait months for more than £1,800 to be refunded to him.

E.ON says it has identified incorrect meter details on Stephen Brooke’s account and is working with him to resolve the situation.

The error was discovered at the end of January this year and Stephen Brooke immediately contacted E.ON to recover this money.

But seven phone calls later, from then until last week, he still hadn’t received the money in his account.

Glenda Graham who helped her friend Stephen Brooke in his £1,800 lawsuit he was on credit with EON

Mr Brooke, unemployed for eight-and-a-half years, lives alone in a one-bedroom flat in Bradford, which he says is often cold.

The E.ON Next client has been with the company for 19 years – all the time he has lived in the apartment.

Glenda Graham, a friend of Mr Brooke, helped him in his quest to get the money back and says she spoke to a different customer service department by phone each time, with the situation unresolved.

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: A copy of one of Mr Brooke's energy bills from E.ONA copy of one of Mr. Brooke’s energy bills from E.ON

During a phone call, Mr Brooke told E.ON he wanted to keep £500 of credit and a check for the remaining balance of £1,315 due to rising energy costs during of the last few weeks.

Glenda was told on a call in March that Mr Brooke would be reimbursed for the money, which has yet to happen.

Mr Brooke, who was a street vendor selling the Telegraph & Argus in Bradford and Shipley, says he was disappointed at the time it took in this situation and urged the company to refund him.

He said: “It’s not. I just want this money. It’s time they paid.

I am bored. I live in a cold apartment. I wear my coat inside the apartment. It’s like being in a freezer at night

“I have been with E.ON since I moved into this apartment almost 20 years ago.

“I don’t understand why E.ON kept this money.”

Glenda said: “I thought E.ON would reimburse Stephen. It’s disappointing because we trusted him.

“They are withholding Stephen’s money without refunding it.”

An E.ON spokesperson said: ‘We have identified incorrect meter details on Mr Brooke’s account.

“We have contacted Mr. Brooke to apologize and advise him on the next steps needed to resolve this issue.”