Block your SBI debit card in case of loss; Here’s how to do it online

The SBI debit card can be blocked if it has been stolen or lost. Here’s how you can get your SBI debit card blocked online.

Almost everyone has a debit card. It is used to make payments and withdraw cash from ATMs. But what if your debit and ATM cards are stolen or lost? If you are a customer of State Bank of India (SBI) and you have lost your SBI debit card then be aware that the bank provides facility to block SBI ATM cum debit card through phone calls, text messages and Internet banking services. However, if for some reason these methods fail, you can even go to the nearest bank branch and have your card blocked. Want to know the process? Check out the step-by-step guide below:

Block SBI Debit Card via SMS

In order to block your SBI ATM cum debit card via text message, you will need to send an SMS from your registered mobile number as ‘BLOCKthe last four digits of the card to 567676. Apart from this, you should also write down the SBI call center number. Read also : How to fix your Google Maps location accurately – simple and brief step by step guide

Block SBI debit card through IVR system free of charge

1. Dial 1800 1234 or 1800-2100.

2. To block the SBI card, you must press 2.

3. You will then need to enter the last 5 digits of the account number to block the card.

4. By carefully following the steps mentioned above, your card will be blocked successfully and a confirmation will be sent by SMS to your registered mobile number.

Block SBI Debit Card via SBI Online

1. You will need to login to with your username and password.

2. Under the “e-Services” tab, select the “ATM card services>Block ATM card” link.

3. Select the account under which you want to block your ATM cum debit card.

4. All active and blocked cards will be displayed. The first 4 and last 4 digits of the card(s) will be displayed.

5. Select the card you want to block and click “Submit”. You need to check the details and confirm.

6. Select the authentication mode as OTP SMS or Profile Password.

7. On the next screen, enter the OTP password/profile password as chosen earlier and click “Confirm”.

8. Once the above mentioned steps are followed precisely, a success message will be displayed with a ticket number after your ATM debit card is successfully blocked. Write down this ticket number for future reference.

It is known that you can even ask the bank to reissue a new SBI debit card. It should be noted that a replacement fee of Rs. 100 with tax will be charged, according to a report by Also, once the card reissue/replacement request has been made, you will receive the new card within 7 working days. However, the duration is not fixed, it may take a little longer depending on several factors like location.