Anyone with a Netflix account is warned to check their direct debit immediately

Netflix subscribers should check their direct debits as part of a series of regular payments. That’s according to Lynn Beattie, aka Ms. MummyPenny, a consumer expert.

Write for the shimmer, the guru says she regularly reviews her direct debits to reverse payments for services she no longer needs. She says others who follow her advice can save “hundreds”.

Here’s what Mrs. Mummy Penny had to say…

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I recently wrote about the importance of going through your regular direct debits to cancel the ones you don’t need. I did and saved £912 that year and was inundated with messages from my subscribers and readers who did the same and saved hundreds.

I have more tips on essential bills and the importance of checking that you get what you pay for and pay what you expected to pay. Recently, I discovered a worrying issue. Some of my subscribers say they were checking their Netflix accounts only to find that they had been moved from the cheaper basic and standard plans to the premium plan.

Some people said they expected to pay (with the recent price increases) £6.99 or £10.99 per month, but were actually paying £15.99. I shared this on my Facebook page and immediately received messages from followers after verifying that they unknowingly paid too much.

‘Thank you very much, didn’t realize I had been paying £15.99 for months,’ one person said. A second said: “I managed to change it after paying for it for months!”

“I just changed mine,” said a third person. When The Mirror contacted Netflix, they told us they wouldn’t change a customer’s plan type without their prior consent.

However, it is possible that if someone shares their account, another person has accepted an account upgrade without the payer’s knowledge. Netflix said: “For a Netflix subscription plan change to occur, it must be confirmed by someone on the account. Netflix does not update a member’s plan without their explicit approval.

“Any member who has experienced unexpected charges should change their password and contact customer service so they can further investigate the issue. To learn how you can secure your account, please visit the Netflix Help Center. ” That being said, you should always go to your Netflix account settings as soon as possible and verify that you are paying for the package you need.

You can easily roll back your account settings to basic or standard if you’ve been moved to premium. Every few months, it’s important to go through your direct debits to make sure you’re getting what you pay for. Here are some tips on regular bills to check.

Energy bills

We are now a few weeks away with the new energy prices, and I can see social media followers everywhere striving to use less energy and save money on their bills. Me understood! My direct debit was increased to £165 in February but I have checked my energy usage and am using much less energy even with higher prices.

Many energy companies have set their new monthly levies too high. I spoke to my energy company and asked them to reduce my monthly levy, saving a handsome sum of £30 per month.

Mortgage repayments

Are you on a fixed rate mortgage, variable rate mortgage or standard variable rate? If you’re on the standard variable rate, where you may have transferred after a fixed deal ended, you’ll pay more interest than you could afford.

Get in touch with your mortgage company to arrange a new fixed or variable rate deal. Interest rates are expected to continue to rise through 2022, which will have an immediate impact on variable rate and standard variable rate mortgages. It may also be worth talking to an independent mortgage broker to see what other deals are available with other lenders.

Broadband bills

Are you getting the promised download speeds and service you signed up for when you started your broadband contract? If not, you might have a case for lowering your monthly payments or downgrading your payments to match the rate you receive.

A reader recently reported doing this and at the same time being offered great deals on her mobile phone as well as a reduction in her broadband, saving her a total of £40 a month. You can even benefit from a reduced rate.

Lynn Beattie, better known as Mrs. Mummypenny

Mobile bills

Check if you are still within your mobile phone contract, as you may be paying unnecessary high bills for a handset that was paid for under a 24 month old contract. It’s possible to save a fortune by switching to a SIM-only contract on the same handset with a simple phone call to your mobile operator.

Housing tax

I recently wrote about ways to save on your council tax. The best way to save a hefty chunk is to take advantage of the 25% single person discount, or if you’re the only adult in the household paying council tax. go read This article for more information on local tax savings.

Gym Membership

An essential bill to many for physical and mental health reasons. Many gyms have tiered membership programs. Are you on the right membership for the times you want to visit the gym, you might just be on a higher membership than necessary? You can often save by switching the membership to a day pass only when the gym is quieter.

Monthly subscriptions

I’m guilty of this one and often need to pause a subscription and use the accumulation of products I have. For me, that applies to contact lenses, cat flea and worm treatment, and eco-friendly toilet rolls.

They are all set to a monthly subscription and from time to time I suspend payments to ensure that all products are used. This can also apply to food boxes, beauty products, pet treats, stationery and other monthly subscriptions we pay for. But above all, assess whether you really need this product. Otherwise, cancel it!

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